It's not about the level of adventure; it's about the degree of determination

A cross-breed between vigour and valour is what best describes Rouser. Well-known as a sports bike, everyone from an adventure enthusiast to a daily commuter fancies this machine. It will spoil you on the weekends with its stunting capabilities and simultaneously add zing to your everyday work. Designed like a lean, mean machine, Rouser will surely set your heart racing even before you ride it. Take your pick out of the four models; 135 LS, 150 DTS-I, 180 DTS-i, 220 DTS-i. A divine ride and many green glares are assured when you ride on any of these.

Explore the Rouser fleet

  • Bajaj Rouser 220S
    Rouser 220S
    Designed to leave people gasping for more; Rouser 220 Street DTS-i is an absolute stunner. Adrenaline rush ensured at the first glance!
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  • Bajaj Rouser 135
    Rouser 135
    Perfectly engineered to create a sensation on city roads, Rouser 135LS is a Light Sport bike. Absolutely zippy, sporty and urbane!
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  • Bajaj Rouser 180
    Rouser 180
    Majestically built to complement a biker's personality! Rouser 180 DTS-i is a very appealing bike. As soon as you put it into ignition...
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