School Painting Project

Bajaj Auto in Uganda supports the Boda Boda (Motorcycle Taxi) operators and is committed to giving back to the communities by involving the Boda Boda Association. For this initiative, 50 Boda Boda riders got together to paint the Kisugu Church of Uganda Primary School in Kampala recently.

The company in partnership with the Boda Boda Association of Uganda offered close to Shs 50 million (US$ 18,000) to one of the many needy schools in the country, Kisugu Church of Uganda Primary School to renovate the school structures.

On Nov, 19th the members of the Boda Boda Association gathered at the school grounds along with the school staff, Bajaj Team and other guests. Reputed Media houses also attended the event. The Boda Boda Team started off the painting off the school, later letting professionals continue.

In association with the Boda Boda cyclists, Bajaj has successfully given the school a complete facelift. Bajaj Team said, “The company’s objective is to provide employment opportunities and help the government streamline Boda Boda operations”.