About Somoco Ghana

The Mohinani Group is a leading 2nd generation family business group of Indian descent, employing over 3000 people in its multi-sector operations across various industries. With activities ranging from manufacturing of packaging and plastics to trade and distribution in chemicals / polymers / consumer durables, amongst others, the group has a key position within its respective business segments across several countries on the African sub-continent from Ghana to Kenya, as well as in international trading and service centers such as Hong Kong, London and Mumbai. Key clients and suppliers rank amongst some of the largest and most credible companies in the world, such as LG Electronics, Exxon Mobil, Unilever, P&G and Coca Cola.

Mohinani is one of the leading group of Ghana with diversified business into plastic & paper (Polytank, Poly Bottles, Poly Kraft), Quick service restaurant (KFC), Electronics (Electromart, Somotex, LG, Philips, Bruhm, Tamashi) Tyres (MRF, Cougar, Toyo), Battery (Index, Soelix) & Real Estate.