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Beware of Fraudulent Recruiting

We have noticed that there are fraudulent emails being sent under the Bajaj Auto name, regarding job opportunities and openings. As a part of this process, these emails are also asking to deposit money in banks.

These emails are not sent by Bajaj Auto or any representative of Bajaj Auto. We have not authorized any agency to send such emails on our behalf. As a part of a very strict hiring policy, we never ask candidates to pay money as recruitment charges or any other fee for employment with the company.

Such communications are being sent by unscrupulous elements with the intent of defrauding the public at large. We hereby caution the people not to be misled by such communication. If you or any one you know have received such emails, we request you not to respond. Bajaj Auto will not be liable for any harm that may be caused to anyone falling prey to such fraud.