Autocar India

There’s no two ways about it. Bajaj’s Pulsar 200NS is a storm raiser. On our first ride today the all-new Pulsar impressed us with its ample performance and sharp handling. Even at standstill the P200 NS looks potent. Its face looks inspired from Honda’s CB1000R and that is no bad thing in our books. Look closer and you can see some Pulsar family traits. The tank gives good thigh support and the LED split tail lamp at the rear is typical of Bajaj’s sports bike family.

undefined The Pulsar 200 NS has been armed with the right hardware. It has petal disc brakes front and rear, a steel rectangular section swingarm and a pressed steel twin-spar frame. And out on the track it all came together to work beautifully. The Pulsar 200NS felt at home on the track, turning into corners with precision and eagerness. The engine matches the chassis by providing smooth and flexible power delivery.

The short-stroke engine pulls well even at low speeds thanks to Bajaj’s ExhausTEC resonance chamber on the silencer. The use of a counterbalancer makes the engine very smooth, so you can even ride the P200 NS in 6th gear at little over 30kph and then open the throttle to roll away smoothly. The spread of power and torque is very linear, the engine pulling cleanly all the way to the upper reaches of the rev range. The shift light plays spoilsport and the ECU cuts in at 10,800rpm. We even hit an indicated 140kph in 6th gear. The gearbox too is game offering light and crisp shifts.

Good looking, well equipped, packed with exhilarating performance and handling, Bajaj’s 200NS takes the Pulsar family into a higher plane. The pricing is the only unknown quantity, but keeping Bajaj’s track record in mind the Pulsar 200NS will carry a tantalising price tag (expected at Rs 90,000). The 200 NS’ is all set to jump start an exciting new chapter in the Pulsar story..

The following review has been sourced from Autocar India - Feb 2012.