About Bajaj

Green Bajaj
Bajaj Auto Ltd is at the forefront of promoting environment-friendly practices by adopting a ‘green approach’ towards its operations. We abide by our principle of encouraging environment conservation, hence ensuring sustainable living.


Bajaj Auto Limited has adopted an environment friendly approach in all its company initiatives, manufacturing processes and technological innovations. This ‘Green Approach’ has been an essential part of the company’s culture. From recycling to reusing water to maximize fuel efficiency, Bajaj Auto Limited has been ensuring sustainable living. With our committed efforts to promote a green culture, Bajaj Auto Ltd became the first company to be awarded the Bharat Stage III* for their range of two-wheelers in March 2010.

*The Bharat Stage III norms are standard norms for pollution control set by Government of India on recommendation by Dr. R.A. Mashelkar committee and are applicable across all states.


    We at Bajaj Auto have innovated and patented technologies like DTS-i which have set the new standard in fuel efficiency and minimizing harmful emissions. All our motorcycles have consistently demonstrated lowered emissions of poisonous gases. Tests show that Bajaj motorcycles have much lower emissions than the set limits.


    As a solution to reduce emissions and increase fuel efficiency in our entire product line-up (two-wheelers and three-wheelers), Bajaj Auto encourages use of alternate fuels like CNG and LPG. The company has developed three wheelers come enabled for the use of environment friendly fuels.


    Bajaj Auto entered into Wind Power in January 2000.The rationale behind the investment was to provide a natural hedge against rising energy costs and to contribute to a clean energy initiative which was nascent in the state of Maharashtra. With this initiative approximately 90% of Bajaj’s power requirements for Plants within the state of Maharashtra, is met through Wind Power.


    Our manufacturing plants at Waluj and Pantnagar adhere to ISO-4001 (Environment system) certification. We have adopted several green measures towards our commitment to creating an eco-friendly practices:

    • Tree Plantation: – All our factories are actively involved in afforestation with sapling plantation within and around the factory premises.
    • Water Recycling – All factories are equipped with a water treatment facility to separate industrial & domestic wastage resulting in better quality of treated water. The treated water is recycled again making sure that that water is re-used.
    • Wind Power Usage: – 90% of the power used for manufacturing in our Maharashtra plants is derived through wind energy