Guiding Principles
“The more I think the more I realize; There was no activity of national interest in which Jamnalalji was not involved.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

The Bajaj Group abides by the principles established by its founder – Late Shri Jamnalal Bajaj. An ardent patriot and follower of the Gandhian way of life, he was a staunch believer of principles such as ‘Honesty over Profits’, ‘Action over Words’ and ‘Common Gain over Personal Gain’.

CSR Guiding Principles

The Bajaj Group leads several CSR initiatives that highlights socio-economic and community development needs of India. Its CSR initiatives are driven by the core values of ethical functioning, respect for all stakeholders, protection of human rights and care for the environment. These values have allowed the company to look beyond profits. Over the years, these ideologies have guided the way ahead for Bajaj Auto Limited.

  • Invest

    To invest in resource creation for projects which are sustainable and would benefit present as well as the future generations.

  • Educate

    To patronise ‘education for every Indian’ to ensure individual growth, leading to growth of the society and to ultimately build a prosperous nation.

  • Encourage

    To guide individuals towards self-improvement and encourage them to create excellence through team work.

  • Spread

    To take our activities to locations where we have our presence and from where it is practically possible to effectively guide, monitor and implement specific projects.

  • Care

    Focus on ‘Caring’ for even the lowest of the social-economic strata of society irrespective of their religion, caste or language.

  • Sustain

    To ensure minimum damage to the environment or undertake such projects which ensure sustainable development of natural resources.