At Bajaj Auto, learning is a daily activity; well augmented by experienced colleagues who give it their all to make it enjoyable. Here are some of the key initiatives to create a wholesome learning environment at Bajaj Auto.

“The important thing is not to stop questioning”
– Albert Einstein

  • Individual-Owned Learning – “I do it my way”

    An employee is encouraged to develop one’s own learning plan, based on mutually identified competency gaps, in present and aspired job in career path.

  • User friendly Learning Management Software

    We provide self-paced and location independent learning by offering 24X7 single window platform for all learning interventions like instructor-led training programs, E-learning modules and informal learning through communities.

  • Idea Management and Knowledge sharing

    We encourage our employees to explore the unknown and in the process, create value for the company. Kaizen Idea Management and various Knowledge Sharing forums ensure that we hear our employees and channelize their creativity towards product and process innovation.